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DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND PRODUCTION - one stop-solutions from the market leader for customized control units and membrane potentiometers. With offices around the world, the Hoffmann + Krippner Group develops and produces innovative solutions for customers in the most diverse sectors.

Hoffmann + Krippner is a DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 certified company! With over 35 years of experience, Hoffmann + Krippner is the perfect partner for developing customized control units, membrane switches, membrane potentiometers, custom medical grade keyboards, high precision potentiometers or custom shaped touchscreens. We build products for medical applications, aviation, aerospace, industrial automation, consumer goods, military applications and many more: You name it - we produce it.

Customized Solutions

  • • All of our products are customizable – we work with leading industry and design companies around the world.
  • • Membrane switches or complete turnkey solutions - Top-level engineering with customized products by Hoffmann + Krippner
  • • Extensive consultations and support for our customers are a special focus at Hoffmann + Krippner. Besides optimal mechanics and beautiful design, we develop and manufacture the associated electronics and software.
  • • Customer Support from product development to delivery - let us be your trusted partner!

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How Strain Gages Using Printed Sensor Paste Sensor Have Given Birth to New and Improved Pianos

Pianists and other professional musicians that play piano have a problem. When they are traveling or are doing a concert on the road, using a full size piano is a major challenge. Transportation costs can be hefty. Renting a locally sourced piano for the performance can also be expensive plus they may need to do a great deal of tuning to get the sound right. In addition, using a piano that they are not familiar with can put a crimp into their performance.

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